We ensure tier 1 quality products that gives best of the efficiency. . Solar panel, Inverter, Structure, wires, switches and smallest possible component we use befits among the top. Each Rupee you invest is offered best possible value.


A machine is a machine which can go down with a smallest possible fault . Big or small, any fault, we will provide service at earliest to keep your plant running all the time.


Based on our quality products used we are ready to commit O & M for 25 years at the minimum charges. And in some special sectors , as part of our CSR, we offer free operation and maintenance for 25 years. We understand a sizeable investment of yours side needs a sizeable commitment of ours. Happy to offer !

Certificate of Empanelment

Customer Story

I like knowing I'm getting a great rate on my electricity usage. Even better, I feel like I have contributed to reducing energy usage. Even better, i feel like I have contributed to reduce energy usage. I like knowing I’m giving something great and getting something great in return. I would recommend Contemplay Energy to anyone seeking solar.

J.S. Arya

Joint Director at Technical Education, Haryana

“One of the best investment I have made was to put solar on my home. My electricity bill reduced and i saved a lot of money. Also government provide subsidy on solar power plant that reduces my solar cost upto 30%. The Company is easy to work with, has customer friendly representative, and great prices.”

Hardev Singh Naamdhari

Managing Director Valley International School

“I am very happy with the solar system and also with the entire process starting from the sales people to the installers to the customer support. Everyone made a not so simple process into a very simple one with no impact to the customer.”

Sanjeev Checkar