Contemplay Energy facilitates a platform for Solar Energy value chain that actively benefits all the stakeholder- Investors for PPA/Lease market, projects pipeline for EPC and quality, affordable energy services to end consumer.


We envision a future where we have clean energy as a mean of development, abundant clean energy that ensure Energy Inclusion of all.


With the triggered need for clean energy, energy inclusion, we commit ourselves to our part of contribution to make it a reality with in 2 decades.


At Contemplay culture has a great importance with a view that how so ever good technology, service, financial solution or business model might be, it should be encapsulated by a great company culture.
Our culture gives a fair chance to discover better you for the better world. Our culture is all about better evolution of ourselves, our company and thus our world. Fairness, Innovation , Quality sums up our culture.


Free training assistance to would be entrepreneurs for solar.

Management Team


With more than 10 years of experience, Manish has advised companies on all areas of corporate and business strategy development and implementation including market segmentation, business development, new product development, manufacturing cost and quality improvement, technology assessment, mergers & acquisitions, various turnaround strategies, operational performance improvement.

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Manish has worked across a number of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial and healthcare. His areas of interest includes Green energy, nature & eco tourism, adventure sports, Organics agriculture, Social enterprise & sustainability. Manish earned an MBA from IIM Calcutta and is a graduate of the Pune University where he received a bachelor of mechanical engineering.

Arun Saini

Arun joined Sainsons paper industries in 2008, as an engineer, where he took up process improvement, process standardization. Paper industry being huge consumer of water, steam, air, and electricity presented huge scope of savings, which were met with an organised set of steps. Has assisted in development of 3 MW of Biomass based captive power plant.For the same plant tool up CDM filing in consultation with E&Y.

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Arun was incharge for the energy saving and efficiency committee and took up many innovation steps for the same which includes- Blow heat recovery, regenerative breaking, energy audits, Biomass fuel standardization etc These small stints in energy saving innovations inspired Arun to take on bigger role in Renewable energy sector. Arun has great interest in Food processing and Agriculture management too. Has researched out Coconut water packaging, Dairy products, Beer brewing etc.

Amit Saini

Having an experience with telecom & energy companies in Australia, Amit performs his duties as the company’s business development manager. He is experience in aspects of sales strategy, marketing and customer relationship management. He is also responsible for bringing efficiency in company’s routine activities to enable achievement of goals within the set time frame.

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Amit graduated with a bachelor of mechanical degree from Faridabad, India and later earned a MBA from Australian Catholic University, Melbourne to widen his knowledge horizon.

Advisory Board

Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen

  • Rogier is founder of DaBx. Paradigm change in renewable energy, DaBx PLANYC2020 - it is possible NOW! DaBx Demand Side Solutions, Inc.
  • Special Advisor with VJN Associates, a boutique "off-Wall Street" CPA/audit firm.
  • Focus on information technology, business process change, and transformation.
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  • Helping the launch of World Market by PinPay, the world's first global, cash-based internet Mall, allowing any brick and mortar business to match and even improve on Walmart's cash-based on-line strategy.
  • Peter Rowan

    A Green Economist working on the financial side of climate change policy in mitigation, adaptation and risk management where the emphasis has been on the socially responsible and ethical investments side of things. I'm currently working on championing the use of Resilience Bonds and building a credit worthy product that can be used to combat climate change.

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    In the renewable energies sector (solar, biomass, biofuel, biogas, international relations and the Carbon Market (UN Framework Convention Climate Change, Clean Development Mechanism/Joint Implementation).

    Responsible for advising United Nations agencies, The World Bank, European Commission and national governments on climate change finance, Energy policy, Environmental Policies, Energy markets and electrification in general. With experience gain in working with policy makers in the investment banking field as a key market development information researcher in the client financing divisions at both Cazenove/JPMorgan and Commerzbank AG in London.

    With a substantial professional investment and environmental impacts skills gained over 17 years, with top-tier firms in developed and emerging markets and also been a delegate on several international programmes working with NGOs, the challenges of new ideas and field is very apparent within his career history. I have a strong experience emphasis in policy analysis, energy use, developing countries, climate change mitigation, socio-economic changes related to emission reduction process and addressing the ever increasing climate change impacts.

    Specialities: Resilience Bonds, Energy (including Renewable Energy), Geopolitics and Government policy (International Boundary Negotiations) and project financing/finance, Circular Economy policy.

    Alison Wise

    Alison engages with numerous communities in the clean tech, natural gas, and utility space. Her analytic background covers the spectrum of clean technologies, as well as SaaS. Her executive management and project deployment lays the groundwork for operational services. Communications include ghost content and third party pieces such as her blog at the Huffington Post as The Clean Economist.

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    She has spoken on these issues both nationally and internationally, from Silicon Valley to Dalian, China.