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Our Presence

Contemplay Energy facilitates a platform for solar energy value chain that actively benefits all the stakholder- investors for PPA. lease market, project pipeline for EPC and quality, affordable energy services to end consumer. We are doing KW to MW scale solar, offring a best solution for your energy investment. We are concerned about the following aspects of business functions:

» Quality:- We ensure tier 1 quality products that gives best of the efficiency. . Solar panel, Inverter, Structure, wires, switches and smallest possible component we use befits among the top. Each Rupee you invest is offered best possible value.

» Service:- A machine is a machine which can go down with a smallest possible fault . Big or small, any fault, we will provide service at earliest to keep your plant running all the time.

» Commitment:- Based on our quality products used we are ready to commit O & M for 25 years at the minimum charges. And in some special sectors , as part of our CSR, we offer free operation and maintenance for 25 years. We understand a sizeable investment of yours side needs a sizeable commitment of ours. Happy to offer !

Our Product Range

We have an extremely innovative and wide range of products which have proven themselves to be of great utilization value. Some of the best featured products of our organization are as follows:

  • Commercial SPV Plant

    It provides a great opportunity to reduce your power consumption bill, by augmenting your grid power with the solar power from your rooftop solar plant. Power produced by the rooftop plant can be used simultaneously, whereas when the production exceed the consumption, the same can be ‘sold back’ to the grid under a Net-Metering System.

  • Industrial Solar Power Plant

    Since usually industry as a comparatively large and unused rooftop area, it can be exploited for its solar potential. A solar rooftop power plant is a solution for providing Long term monetary and Social benefits. Solar power also provides positive public relations with investors, partners and the public-at-large by relieving internal and outside pressures to increase corporate sustainability.


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